What is the best age to start learning music?

Most children can understand and learn the concepts of sightreading soon after their 6th birthday.  Children can start earlier than 6, particularly if they are already fluent readers. 

How long are the lessons?

Piano lessons are from 20- 45 minutes long. (level dependant)

Theory lessons range between 30 and 45 minutes.  

How can I encourage my child to practise?

Parents are encouraged to work with their child to set up a regular practise routine as this will help them get into the habit of practising without being reminded. Try to avoid referring to music practise as a 'chore'. It helps if someone is keen to hear their progress, lots of praise and encouragement works for most parents / carers. Reward sticker charts / Reward jars work very well.

Especially if they bring their chart / jar to show their teacher!

Will I need to buy a piano for piano lessons?

No. New students will progress well on a touch sensitive digital keyboard in the first 1-2 years, but after Grade 1, an acoustic piano would be preferable. Music and Me have a discounted hire agreement arrangement with a local piano supplier, if you are interested in purchasing or hiring a piano, please contact us for further details.  

Do I, or my child have to take music exams?


No. Examinations aren't for everyone. It's perfectly ok to have music lessons without being entered for the ABRSM examination syllabus. 

I am an adult - is it too late to learn or take up piano again? 

Not at all. Millions of adults have learnt to play the piano (many in retirement years) and you can too. You will find it easier to learn as an adult than you may have found it as a child. Let us help you fulfil a lifetime ambition and get you playing your chosen instrument. We would be delighted to help you. 

I can't play music myself, so how can I support my child's learning? 

Because learning music takes commitment, patience and personal dedication, pupils will succeed if they have the personal drive to achieve. Some of the most talented musicians didn't have anyone to help them at home, they worked it out themselves. If your child is keen to learn a musical instrument, you only need to encourage their learning and praise their personal achievements, you don't need to be able to show them how to do their homework. Their tutor will answer their questions. In fact, our tutors advise parents who can play music, not to show their children how to do their homework, but simply encourage them to work it out using the theory and learning they have already accomplished. Demonstrating to a child how to play a section of music can actually hinder their progression.   

I can't afford music lessons. Can I apply for a musician's bursary for my child?

We aim to make learning music affordable to everyone. Please contact us and we will send you the details of our next bursary application window.

All applications are considered in June to commence the following September and are handled in the strictest confidence.




Music and Me was founded in 2010 by Kirsty Andrew, to offer subsidised music tuition to U16's in Wargrave, Berkshire.  

A Young Musician's Bursary was established using funds raised by Wargrave's Community Choir, which Kirsty formed in 2016. 

Applications for our Young Musician's Bursary are received directly from a number of sources including; Wokingham's Social Care Services, local schools and directly from parents/carers.  We aim to provide subsidised music lessons and theory tuition, supply musical instruments, music books and accessories, as well as fun educational music workshops for all ages to enjoy. 


New applications for an U16's Young Musician's Bursary are welcome every June, which if granted, commence the following September.  

Please contact us for further details on the bursary's eligibility criteria and application process. Every application is carefully considered.


Our aim is to provide high quality, fun and affordable music lessons to everyone by offering flexible instalment payment options and / or subsidised music tuition*. (*an eligibility criteria applies for bursary support).


For paying pupils, we can accept payment by Standing Order.  Please visit our Payment Information page).