Payment Information

We can send you the bank account information you will need to pay a lesson fee, set up a regular Standing Order, make payment to us for examination entry fees, extra lessons or for stock books. Please contact us for more info. 



Please note, all regular Standing Order payments for lessons are due on the 1st of each calendar month.  Thank you. 

Each academic term is paid for by four equal interest-free monthly payments.
The academic terms are paid for as follows.   1) Aug - Nov,   2) Dec - Mar &  3) Apr - July 
The academic year starts in September. 

Please note - Not only do we subsidise our lesson fees to make them more affordable, we also offer interest-free monthly payments to help spread the costs of lessons and courses.

We ask for a full term's notice in writing if you wish to give up your regular teaching slot.
If your Standing Order is unexpectedly cancelled, you will be invoiced for any outstanding balance.